Some lovely things that have been happening recently

It’s easy to forget you’re a writer yourself when you spend a lot of time working with and for other writers, so it’s always nice to be reminded of it.

I’ve had a couple of lovely acceptances recently: one is a flash fiction piece called ‘The Bone Plate’ in Cleaver Magazine, an interesting online American literary magazine, and another is a whizzy little poem called ‘Riding down hill with no breaks to talk of’ for the lovely Candlestick Press’s new edition of Ten Poems About Bicycles (the real-life story ended up with my 10 year old self ploughing into and over a neighbour’s wall, and bruising bits of me that I could have done without – but that’s a different story altogether).  I’ve also been editing Ten Poems for a Picnic for Candlestick but you’ll have to wait until the heady months of summer to find out what I’ve chosen to include.

If you don’t know these presses, then I’d urge you to go and have a look, and pick up a copy or two or subscribe (Cleaver‘s free to subscribe to, but donations are very welcome because they run it as volunteers, and Candlestick anthologies are less than a fiver). Both really are lovely. You can see what they offer on their websites:

Cleaver Magazine:

Philadelphia’s International Literary Magazine

Candlestick Press: 

Poetry pamphlets, instead of a card.