And the poems came

For the past year, I’ve been writing poetry. This shouldn’t be an extraordinary or surprising thing because people think of me as a poet, but it is. It is surprising. It’s about time, you see. Time to be able to focus, to think. I wish I had the kind of temperament other writers have to […]

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JouMa – The story of a stool

In autumn last year, I spent two weeks in a forest on the outskirts of Hamburg, writing. For my research, I’d be working with a forester at Gohrde Forest to understand how forests are managed in this part of Germany, and to learn about the eco systems, wildlife and the environmental superintendence in place. I’d […]

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DYCP Dovetail Sonnet application

Ace Poetry Project – funding

Are you applying for the Arts Council’s funding programme Developing Your Creative Practice? Here are 13 things you might want to think about when you make your application. I was very lucky to receive DYCP funding in August last year for my Dovetail Sonnets: Time to Write project. These are a few things I learned […]

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