DYCP Dovetail Sonnet application

Ace Poetry Project – funding

Are you applying for the Arts Council’s funding programme Developing Your Creative Practice? Here are 13 things you might want to think about when you make your application. I was very lucky to receive DYCP funding in August last year for my Dovetail Sonnets: Time to Write project. These are a few things I learned […]

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Writing a toolbox

When I speak to people about the similarities I see in working with wood and writing poems I generally get two responses, or faces. There’s the ‘Head-tilted-to-one-side, small-lopsided-smile, trying-hard-to-not-furrow-a-brow-in-confusion-Face’, and there is the ‘Eyes-wide, smile-wide, mind-wide Face’. I understand both faces. My God, I pull both of them, and often when I’m writing. But the […]

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Time to Take Some Risks: on being awarded Arts Council Funding 

On Thursday, I had an email telling me I was successful with my application for Arts Council England’s new funding stream, Developing Your Creative Practice. I’m over the moon! In fact, I still haven’t come down from the news, yet. Actually, I say I had an email telling me this, but what I received was an […]

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