Small Grass

Small Grass coverPoems by Jacqueline Gabbitas with artwork by Frances Barry

“I’ve never thought of grass talking before, but after reading this sequence, with its delicate and sharp voices, I may not be able to walk on it again without listening.” – Pascale Petit

Here, Grass speaks in a single, unifying voice in idioms and tones as varied as the many different types of grass, and as wide reaching, historically and geographically, as the stubble beneath a window, the seeds in an Antarctic ice core, the stems at the River Lethe waiting for a new soul, and the cropped and bloodied grass of war fields. Grass witnesses the world and records its evolution through her relationships with the creatures with which she shares the planet, and in particular her complex engagement with humankind.

Small Grass | ISBN: 978-0-9569122-3-7 | £6.99
Available from: Stonewood Press

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