Latest: Long Poem Magazine, extracts from The Book of Grass, issue 12, Winter 2013


Poems in the Waiting Room, Spring 2009.

Poetry Salzburg Review, editor, Dr. Wolfgang Görtschacher. Spring 2009.

South Bank Poetry, editor, Peter Ebsworth. Issue 3, March 2009.

Staple magazine, editor, Wayne Burrows. 69/70, Summer/Autumn 2008.

South Bank Poetry, editor, Peter Ebsworth. Issue 2, November 2008.


Artemispoetry, editor, Myra Schneider. Issue 1, November 2008.

Poetry Review, editor, Fiona Sampson. Volume 98, No 2, Summer 2008. Poem:

Morning Star, (newspaper) Thursday 17 May 2007.


Magma 30, edited by Karen Green, Winter 2004/05, ISSN 1352-9269.

Oxford Magazine, literary editor, Bernard O’Donoghue. No.225 Trinity Term 2004.

Poetry Street N16 (2001, 2002 and 2003).

Sheffield Thursday Number 8, edited by EA Markham. Spring 1999.

First Bite, edited by Brendan Murphy and Tony Rees. 1994.


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