Latest: Her wings of glass

Edited by Myra Schneider, Penelope Shuttle and Dilys Wood.
Second Light Publications, Autumn 2014

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Poems in the Waitng Room 2008-2010

Edited by Michael Lee and Isobel Montgomery Campbell.

Poems in the Waitng Room, 2010. The Collected Edition of Poems in the Waitng Room presents the quarterly issues published between 1998 to winter 2010, fifty short collections of poems selected for their power to help the patient. The Introduction sets out a brief history of the arts in health charity that started as a simple scheme in and around Kew Gardens Richmond but which spread, often by word of mouth, to become the most widely read national poetry publication and the most extensive arts in health programme in the NHS.

 This Island City: Portsmouth in Poetry

Edited Dale Gunthorp with Maggie Sawkins, Denise Bennett, Consultant Editor: George Marsh. Spinnaker Press, 2010. This anthology has almost 200 poems, all with something significant to say about Portsmouth and includes U.A. Fanthorpe, John Hegley and John Haynes.

Reflections on Lake Orta

Edited by Gabriel Griffin. Wyvern Works, 2010
Celebrating ten years of Poetry on the Lake

poetry tREnD

Edited by Aprilia Zank. Lit verlag, 2010
Poetry in translation


Orta Christmas

Edited by Gabriel Griffin. Wyvern Works, 2009
Orta Christmas is a book of poems by various authors on the theme of winter, illustrated with colour photos of Lake Orta in winter.

Well Versed – poems from the Morning Star

Edited by John Rety, 2008

Well Versed: Poems from the Morning Star brings together all the poems published in the first two years of Rety’s column from January 2006 to April 2008. It is a wonderfully strong and compelling anthology, eclectic and eccentric, passionate and provocative, ranging from Victor Hugo’s Penniless Children and Heinrich Heine’s Angels to Johannes Kerkhoven’s “visual poems” and Dave Puller’s performance-piece Bombs R Us.


Edited by Gabriel Griffin. Wyvern Works, 2007
Wild has 48 poems with 25 translations in Italian with illustrations by Sergio Cocito, Oz Hardwick, Christopher Truman, Anthony Weir.

Images of Women

Edited by Myra Schneider and Dilys Wood. Preface: UA Fanthorpe.
Arrowhead Press in association with Second Light, 2006. £12.95 (250 pages).
An anthology of work by contemporary women poets both well-known and up-and-coming.


This Little Stretch of Life

Edited by Karen Green and Mimi Khalvati. Hearing Eye/The Poetry School, 2006
ISBN 1-905082-19-3

Hortus Conclusus: Poetry on the Lake

Edited by Gabriel Griffin. Wyvern Works, 2005

Plant Care: Festshrift for Mimi Khalvati

Edited by E A Markham. Linda Lee Books, 2004
ISBN 1-872659-03-9

Entering the Tapestry: a second anthology from The Poetry School

Edited by Mimi Khalvati & Graham Fawcett. Enitharmon, 2003
ISBN 1-900564-48-3
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