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Mid Lands by Jacqueline Gabbitas

What others have said:

'I took pleasure in these intimate conversations with the reader in which, often in a single poem, an intense lyricism is combined with the down-to-earth detail of everyday life. Ultimately, Jacqueline Gabbitas is always surefooted - with her feet on the ground technically and emotionally.' - Martha Kapos, Assistant Poetry Editor, Poetry London

'This is an attractive collective of poems, assured, and formally various, but unified by strong, controlled emotion. In language and variety of approach, Jacqueline Gabbitas's poetry is alive with surprises.' - Jeremy Hooker

'Here is a voice which often addresses the reader directly. Jacqueline Gabbitas makes rich use of the language of Nottinghamshire where she grew up. Her writing is poignant, humorous, thoughtful, tender, extraordinarily observant and sometimes is all of these within one poem. Read this poet and watch out for what she writes next.' - Myra Schneider

'Mid Lands is a journey into a world where rich dialect and glitteringly sharp images are moulded into beautifully crafted, resonant poems. Jacqueline's poems are full of light and strangeness: down into mines with their golden spiders, up to the moon where bridges span craters, into a bag of light as a Christmas gift. She relishes language, plays with it, twists and turns it into surprising shapes. This a trip to the midlands which is well worth taking. A memorable debut.' - Maggie Butt


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Hearing Eye is a small independent press established in 1987. Two of its distinctive features is that it has kept all its books in print, and that it believes in the pamphlet as an important form of publication. It has published pamphlets with such poets as A C Jacobs, E A Markham, John Heath Stubbs, Mario Petrucci and Jane Duran. Two of its most recent pamphlets, Anna Robinson's Songs from the Flats, and Linda Black's the beating of wings, have both been PBS Pamphlet Choices.

Title: Mid Lands
ISBN: 978-1-905082-27-4
Price: 3.00
Publication: March 2007
Spec: 148x210mm/32pages/pamphlet
Publisher: Hearing Eye

copyright 2012