DYCP Dovetail Sonnet application

Ace Poetry Project – funding

Are you applying for the Arts Council’s funding programme Developing Your Creative Practice? Here are 13 things you might want to think about when you make your application. I was very lucky to receive DYCP funding in August last year for my Dovetail Sonnets: Time to Write project. These are a few things I learned […]

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Writing a toolbox

When I speak to people about the similarities I see in working with wood and writing poems I generally get two responses, or faces. There’s the ‘Head-tilted-to-one-side, small-lopsided-smile, trying-hard-to-not-furrow-a-brow-in-confusion-Face’, and there is the ‘Eyes-wide, smile-wide, mind-wide Face’. I understand both faces. My God, I pull both of them, and often when I’m writing. But the […]

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Poetry, Pimms, and Picnics!

Picnics! When I think of picnics, my first thoughts don’t run to poetry. They run to cake. And sandwiches. And fizzy wine. This is unusual in itself because my thoughts often run to poetry. So, editing a mini-anthology of picnic poems was going to be, I thought, a bit of a challenge. Especially as it […]

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